We are a globally active engineering company which is since over 25 years dedicated to the production and commissioning of welding lines. Function-optimised production equipment is the passion of our daily work. We supervise welding lines from a variety of industries. Optimum production quality and maximum availability are the two keys to our customer satisfaction.

On the front line of eckardt-engineering's success there are our employees who are equipped with technical knowledge, passion and creativity in order to reinforce the company's vision and actualise our clients' interests. Our daily goals are to have an open and active interaction with another and mutual trust and to break grounds in cooperation. For our self-perception, our clients and our future. Since 2013 we have been providing, with our decisive technical willpower, the radiator production the way it is today: an internationally demanded high-performance production.

We provide everything from the new equipment to the production ramp-up from a single concept: individualised system solutions for individual demands.

Wherever our clients are, in Germany, the United Kingdom or Turkey, our engineers and technicians support our clients on-site. We would like to provide our clients our exceptional services worldwide.

History of eckardt-engineering:

  • early 2012, founded as an engineering company focusing on stamping and transportation machinery
  • in 2013, completed domestic projects with numerous German radiator manufacturers
  • in 2014, turned into the individual enterprise eckardt-engineering with the addition of sales functions and technical service
  • since Autumn 2014, eckardt-engineering offers global support for radiator manufacturing lines and development of enhancing the performance from existing production lines
  • in January 2017 transformed into eckardt-engineering GmbH, offering broader service portfolio (tool construction, production consulting and production site assessments)